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Clever Profits Dot Com contains various articles about clever ways to make money and increase your online profits: affiliate marketing, writing articles, offering online support, flipping websites, multi-level marketing, binary options, automated forex trading and other oppotunities to make profits online.

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Attractive money making opportunities are reviewed on this blog to help you better understand how to increase online profits and make more money online.

Ways To Make Money Online

Increasing Blog Traffic Means Success in Today’s Economy

With hundred of millions of blogs being written you need to ensure your business blog’s visibility to make it successful in our current marketplace. If you are just writing for you, call... Read More »

Social Media and the Retail Industry

Social media has been the big talk in the internet marketing world for some time and the majority of businesses have found powerful ways to put many of the major social networking sites to... Read More »

Make Money Blogging

Making Money Blogging is probably the easiest way to make money online and it can be done at not cost of all. All you need is to spend some of your time in creating your blog, write and publishing... Read More »


How to Budget like a Ninja!

Today I would like to talk about budgeting and saving. Budgeting is the first step to understanding your spending and savings habits.   By definition a budget is an estimate, often itemized,... Read More »

Have you tried Peer to Peer lending?

Peer to Peer lending is a great way to generate additional profits online. Recently peer to peer investing has become popular through and They both work by bringing... Read More »

Save $6200 a year – Buy a bike!

In Order to maximize profits you can either increase the income or reduce the expenses.  With this tip we are trying to reduce our expenses. Bike commuting has a lot of great benefits, and... Read More »