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Thinking Rich

Ok, so this article is not about the usual topics but I think is interesting to discuss it.

Your life is affected by your decisions and your decisions reflect the way you think. one could say that if you wish to be rich you must “think rich”.

If your girlfriend/boyfriend left you then you’re mind could not focus on your work and you will lose money. So, the way you think affects your finances.

Money BagsThis is a very simple example based on emotions but you can see that one “relaxed” individual is more productive than one who can’t focus on what’s important and we can say that, in a way, relaxation leads to profits.

The first thing you need to do is setting up goals that works for you. What works for you is what you like.

Don’t build your career in an activity that you don’t like because you’ll end-up stressed, unhappy and you will not be able to perform as well as other colleagues who likes that activity.

Relaxation of your body is very important for keeping your mind fresh and your mind is the key to your success.

Always use your preferred methods of relaxation to keep your body & mind in good shape. If you like Yoga then signup for Yoga classes or you can try massage salons. Do what relaxes you, if you work to much to find solutions to a problem at work you will get stressed and not find it if you’re not relaxed.

Motivation is very important in doing your best to reach your goals. Motivation is different for each individual but is based on attitude, on how strong the will is.

You should never have a negative attitude saying: “I’m too old for this” or “I can’t learn this”…

I’m talking about what is called “positive thinking” or what is known as “optimism” and you will be surprised how much this works.

Be careful not to go in “wishful thinking” it may work for some but usually it doesn’t have results.

Anyway, in our times the enemy No. 1 is stress so people must learn how to relax.

One way is to get drunk every night but this will not help you in getting rich so you should keep the “getting drunk” relaxation method only for vacations.

Being in a god shape can help in getting more self-confidence so if you find time to go to the gym do it.

In ancient times the Romans were very successful in being rich so let’s not forget an old Latin text: Mens sana in corpore sano.

Our mind is the key to our financial freedom and we must have a healthy body for “thinking rich”.

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